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How is Halloween celebrated in Mexico?

Anna -  
29 October 2020
The tradition of the “Dia de los Muertos” If you hadn’t heard about this day before, James Bond in “Specter” probably changed this. The famous opening scene is set on “Dia de Los ...
Germany Lake City River Travel Standup Paddleboard Stand-up Paddleboard

The 11 Best Standup Paddleboarding Spots in Germany

Lisa -  
19 June 2020
The most beautiful and challenging places for SUP in Germany Updated: 01.07.2021 Are you ready to explore Germany on the waters? You only need a fun group of people and balance. ...
Standup Paddleboard Water Sports Summer Destinations Standup paddleboarding SUP Destinations Europe SUP Destinations

10 Best Stand Up Paddleboarding Destinations in Europe

Mariellen -  
9 April 2021
SUP? Check out the best destinations for standup paddleboarding in Europe this summer Summer is approaching and so are days spent on the water. Standup paddleboarding makes for ...

Top 5 things you should definitely take with you on your group trip

Who needs a packing list?


Okay okay, you probably already know what you pack when you travel. If you're reading this, you're probably outgoing globetrotters and already experienced travelers. There is the basic equipment with all the trimmings that everyone has - and then everyone has so his little extras that they bring. But who thinks about the group?  

We do! That's why we've picked out a few things you shouldn't forget on your next group trip. They will not only make your life easier, but also ensure a good mood and fun evenings. 

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An Offbeat Group Travel Guide to North India

Travel to North India like a pro.....


Discovering North India is exactly like discovering treasure. Each state has it's own unique palaces, forts, gardens and other architectural wonders. It doesn't stop there! North India has a vibrant history, strong culture and traditions and tantalising cuisines that truly makes one enjoy wealth of experiences. Here are top things to do in North India that should definitely be a part of next vacation: 

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12 Bucket List Countries for Digital Nomads

Throughout the decade the amount of digital nomads has successfully risen, with over 10 million people categorized as being digital nomads which is exactly why countries are trying to catch up and have begun issuing digital nomad visas. Speaking of countries, have you ever wondered which country is the best for digital nomads? well, we have over 12 countries to complete your bucket list, and it's not your typical bucket list. We have included a budget at the end of each country which includes accommodation, food, and transportation. It can vary depending on your lifestyle, might cost more or less than the estimated budge such as the type of accommodation, and the food you choose. 

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10 tips to travel in Central America

Central America is an underrated destination that's becoming more popular year by year. It’s even a great spot for Digital Nomads and CoWorking Trips  in case you’re thinking of planning one. If you’ve always been attracted to travel through Latin America, but you were considering skipping Central America, this is my personal recommendation of why you shouldn’t and all the tips from a local perspective.

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TripLeader Stories - CoWorking trip to Ericeira with TripLeader Lisa

A little information on planning a trip from the secrets of a TripLeader 


Hello dear future TripLeaders and all who want to become one! Today I write about a few personal experiences and tips and tricks on how to plan your first trip. What are the go-tos, what to consider and how to best organize a group trip! Come join me while I take you through my personal travel planning and execution of a group trip. Hope you will find some inspiration from it :)

If you need help with the soft skills of creating your trip, feel free to check here, if you wanted to learn more about the trip creation process I recommend this article
Don't know how to promote your trip? We have more information on that as well.

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Tips for your First Group Trip

Do you usually travel solo and head towards the unknown independently? Or do you usually travel with a close friend or significant other to enjoy your own private space, while solo traveling or with someone who is close to you is more intimate you should also consider group travel and experience the difference. There are so many benefits of traveling in a group either to create new lifelong connections or just to enjoy the moment together although your priorities or plan for the itinerary might be different from one another and you would not have as much control since you’re not solo traveling but of course that should not stop you from having an amazing trip altogether! 

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If you love Dubai, Turkey should be your next CoWorking Destination

Sand dunes, skyscrapers, underwater hotels, authentic Arabic food, what’s not to love about Dubai? Known for their iconic landmarks and beautiful architecture, it’s no surprise that millions of tourists and business travelers flock to the country every year, especially digital nomads. It has numerous activities and co-working spaces fit for a nomadic lifestyle but if you are starting to get bored of the hustle and bustle of Dubai and looking for another city that is also vibrant and filled with heritage for your next Co-Working trip, you will love Turkey!

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5 Sustainable travel tips for your next group trip

For the eco-conscious traveler 

You don’t drive, you don’t fly, you don’t buy any item wrapped in plastic, you only buy second hand clothing, you only use solar energy, you live a zero waste lifestyle and you are a vegan. This is the definition of 21st century environmentalism. A lot of us don’t exactly live this lifestyle but genuinely do care about the environment.  It is really difficult to fully deep dive into this lifestyle. However, what is really important is that we take baby steps to begin living sustainably and inspire everyone around us to do so. Everyone should be a part of the solution in whichever way they can to make a difference and save the planet.  Each one of us aims to do good and give back to mother earth the best way we can.  This will be the greatest gift we give our future generations.  

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Best accommodation style for a CoWorking Trip

Enjoy work, life and leisure balance

Covid-19 has led to an increase in remote jobs that let people free themselves from the restraints of a normal 9-5 job. Now that the world has returned back to a new normal, the concept of remote work and being a digital nomad has helped tremendously with achieving work/life balance. CoLiving and CoWorking is the concept that has been recently gating a lot of traction. This is a concept that millennials and remote workers have adopted for experiencing ultimate freedom and flexibility.  

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