10 Best Cities in the World for Coffee Lovers

10 Best Cities in the World for Coffee Lovers

A travel guide for lovers of caffeine

If coffee is your main driver, it’s about time you know which cities in the world are the best for a coffee fanatic like yourself. Whether you’re traveling or planning to move someplace new, it’s important you know that a cup of espresso is just around the corner. Coffee lovers, you can’t go wrong when visiting these cities!

10. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand is known as one of the world’s greatest countries for coffee. You’ll find coffee shops quite literally at every corner, and the coffee is top-notch quality. Out of all the coffee cities in Thailand though, Chiang Mai just does it right. You’ll find café galleries, bookshop cafés, cafés with live music… a true coffee lovers paradise. What’s even better, the average cup will cost you around 2 euros. Make sure to give Thai iced tea a try, this orange liquid is basically like gold. Although the Chiang Mai cafés are many, make sure not to miss these ones:

  • My Secret Café in Town
    • This eccentric café is hidden in the streets of Chiang Mai, and if you’re lucky, you might experience a live jazz concert here
  • SS1254372 Café
    • This café is Instagram material and serves some of the best treats in town. What’s more, there’s a gallery and art shop attached- we’re here for it
  • The Barn Eatery and Design
    • This café which quite literally resembles a barn or perhaps a greenhouse, is a perfect place for a quiet getaway from the streets of Chiang Mai
  • Café Racer
    • Located in the center of the city, you’ll find this delightful little coffee shop with a garden to sit in, as well as books and a guitar, incase you want to serenade the guests of the coffee shop
Chiang Mai in Thailand is one of the best cities in the world for coffee lovers
SS1254372 Café in Chiang Mai

9. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is one of the best cities in the world for coffee because the whole atmosphere of the city screams ‘cozy coffee shop.’ The rainy days, which are at no shortage in Scotland, are probably one of the reasons why the city knows how to do coffee. The historic vibe and cobblestone streets will just make you want to stop in for a caffeine boost. Since Scotland is known for its whiskey, you might even want to spice it up by getting an Irish coffee. These Edinburgh coffee shops are well worth a mention:

  • The Elephant House
    • J.K Rowling is known to have sat at this coffee shop writing the Harry Potter series over a cup of Joe
  • Black Medicine Coffee Co.
    • Coffee indeed is… black medicine. This vibrant spot in the heart of the city is perfect for relaxing or getting some work done
  • Cairngorm Coffee
    • This modern and bright café will make all your aesthetic dreams come true

8. Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh is a must-visit in itself, but even more so for a coffee addict. The city’s many rooftop cafe’s, reasonable prices and friendly people will make you want to stop for a cup of coffee more than once. Especially the rooftop spots looking over the streets of the city are perfect for people watching and enjoying the hustle and bustle down below. Plus, the architecture in the city is simply amazing. Hit up these rooftop cafés on your Marrakesh visit:

  • Nomad
    • Overlook the Atlas Mountains and medina at this beautiful and lively spot
  • Café des Épices
    • Enjoy the buzz of the medina and a good cup of coffee at sunset on this beautiful rooftop terrace
  • Café Atay
    • This location is perfect for vegans and vegetarians, as the options are many. Enjoy the chill vibes and fun décor of this coffee shop… not a rooftop location, but one to visit nonetheless
Enjoy a rooftop coffee shop in Marrakech
Enjoy rooftop views at a café in Marrakesh

7. Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is a true paradise for remote work or studying at coffee shops. All the coffee shops provide all the tools you might need for working remotely. Helsinki’s coffee shops are never ending, and its no wonder… Finland has the highest coffee consumption per capita in the world. Finns need their pick-me-up to get through the long winter months, so we get it. Helsinki also makes for a great co-working getaway.

Don’t miss out on these spots in the capital city of coffee drinking…

  • Paulig Kulma (Paulig Corner)
    • Walk up to the second floor to enjoy your espresso drink on a swing seat… this coffee shop has a fun atmosphere and is perfect for taking some photos
  • Johan & Nyström
    • At the Kanavaranta harbor you’ll find this cozy café, full of all the good vibes and delicious (also vegan and vegetarian) treats
  • Café Regatta
    • This is definitely a must-visit coffee for a different kind of café experience. With lots of outdoor seating and possibilities to roast sausages by the fire in the winter, this tiny cottage by the sea also is claimed to serve the best korvapuusti’s (cinnamon buns) in Helsinki
  • Ihana Kahvila Baari
    • This café serves some live reggae music to its visitors if you happen to visit at the right time. The cozy atmosphere is also unbeatable

6. Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

As we know, Central America is the hub of coffee production. It’s no wonder that all of its countries serve a good cup of coffee. The main street of the cute little surfer town of Santa Teresa is lined with great spots to get a cup of coffee- surfer’s need their coffee, too. Coffee lover… here’s some spots to check out in Santa Teresa:

  • Cafca Café
    • A brunch with fresh fruit and some Costa Rican coffee, yes please!
  • Couleur Café
    • This colorful little hut will serve you with some delicious coffee, a surfer’s (coffee) paradise
  • L’arte del Gelato
    • Here you will find, in addition to great coffee… you guessed it: gelato! We could all use some of that.

5. Paris, France

Paris is known for its coffee culture, which is definitely not the traditional Scandinavian ‘work-at-a-coffee-shop’ kind of culture. In Paris, coffee breaks are to be enjoyed, most likely with a croissant and a cigarette. So, if you’re at a Parisian coffee shop, do as the Parisians do. Slow down, people watch, and enjoy your cup of espresso alongside a fresh French croissant. To make the most of it, share your ‘pause de café’ with some like-minded travelers.

Coffee shop scenes in Paris
In Paris, do as the Parisians do

4. Vancouver, Canada

To add to our list of best coffee cities in the world… Vancouver. Vancouver’s bustling city-streets are always on the go and of course, in need of coffee… the city basically runs on it. You can be sure to find a coffee shop fitting to your tastes in this multicultural hub. Here’s where to get your coffee fix in Vancouver:

  • Café la Foret
    • This coffee shop is in an industrial setting and all you need for perfect aesthetic coffee moments. La Foret also serves some delicious waffles 😉
  • Iktsuarpok Coffee Stand
    • You’ll miss this little coffee stand if you don’t look close. The coffee shop is literally a small window facing the street, where you can grab your morning coffee from. Perfect for a bustling city like Vancouver
  • Olive + Ruby
    • This coffee shop is all for the cute vibes. Swinging chairs and plenty of plants make the atmosphere of this coffee shop one of the best in Vancouver

3. Thessaloniki, Greece

Greece is another country for some good and affordable coffee, making it one of the best coffee cities in the world. While strolling the streets of Thessaloniki, especially by the shoreline, you’ll find many places to stop in for a cup of liquid gold. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try Greek gelato with your coffee, an unbeatable combo. Here’s Thessaloniki’s best spots for coffee lovers:

  • The Blue Cup | Coffee & Cocktail Bar
    • This spot on the shoreline in Thessaloniki is great for an afternoon break or a late-night out
  • Café Aithrio at Yedikule
    • You’ll find yourself sitting in a dreamy little garden

Once you climb up the hills of Thessaloniki, you’ll also find many coffee shops overlooking the city to the sea. The views truly are nothing to complain about!

Thessaloniki is one of the best cities in the world for coffee lovers
You’ll find many great spots for coffee in the streets of Thessaloniki

2. Melbourne, Australia

Australians, well, they’re experts at coffee making. The rest of the world can only follow along with their expertise and ever-evolving coffee culture. Especially the city of Melbourne is paradise for café hopping. The weather is hot, and well, the people are in need of iced lattes. Here’s some spots to check out in Melbourne’s coffee scene:

  • Brother Baba Budan
    • You might wonder why there’s chairs hanging from the ceiling, but the espresso menu of this quirky café is sure to have something to fit your tastes
  • Higher Ground
    • The rustic atmosphere and great food make this a great spot to visit
  • Hash Specialty Coffee
    • You can’t go wrong with this cozy café

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

Kind of like the Finns, Icelandic people need coffee to get through the dark and sometimes harsh winters. It’s no wonder that the capital of Iceland has plenty of spots to serve their people. When strolling Reykjavik’s colorful streets, make a quick (or not so quick) stop at one of these cafés:

  • Reykjavik Roasters
    • No more authentic of a place than here to enjoy your Icelandic coffee experience
  • Te & Kaffi
    • As one of the oldest cafés in Iceland, this coffee shops has their espresso making skills well perfected
  • Mokka Kaffi
    • Also as one of the oldest Reykjavikian cafés, this coffee has kept its interior decorations similar to when it was first built in 1958

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