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5 Top Tips to Finland, Travel Tips.

It’s time for another Travel Tips Tuesday!

If you haven’t seen our Travel Tips show then where have you been? How are you even surviving your trip without our best travel tips? On this show, our colleague, Jasmine sits down every Tuesday in front of a camera and shares the most essential travel tips with you. In this week’s episode, we have 5 top tips to Finland! Jasmine who is half Finnish herself shares her most important tips for you to keep in mind the next time you decide to travel to Finland. 

Tip #1 – Always wave your hand out for public transportation 

Depending on the country, busses and trams will stop automatically if there is a person standing on the stop. However, in Finland, you have to wave your hand out to indicate to the bus or tram drivers that you want to get on. If you don’t they will just drive past by. 😉 

Tip #2 – No tipping needed

Waitresses and bartenders are paid enough to live off their salary, and do not need to rely on tips. You can still tip of course, but it’s not very common in Finland. 

Tip #3 – Best times to travel

  • For summer
    • June to August
  • For winter
    • Mid-December to March
  • For spring
    • April to May

Tip #4 – Coffee & cinnamon buns 

We Finns drink coffee religiously and with every coffee, it’s a tradition to have cinnamon buns! Coffee and cinnamon buns go hand in hand when in Finland, make sure to try it out. 

Tip #5 – Sauna & ice cold water 

When in Finland, one of the ways to get a true Finnish experience is to try our traditional wooden saunas with jumping into ice-cold water in between! 

We hope you enjoyed this episode of Travel Tips Tuesday and 5 top tips to Finland. See you next week! #TravelTipShow

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