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The ultimate Scandinavia road trip in a group.

The Ultimate Scandinavia Road Trip in a Group

Experience nature, hygge, and culture with this Scandinavia road trip

On our journey through the north of Europe, we travel through Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Even though Finland is not officially part of Scandinavia, it has slowly crept into all our hearts, which is why we simply can't avoid making a stop in this beautiful country. Our road trip starts in Helsinki and leads us from there via Stockholm and Copenhagen to Oslo. Grab your TravelMates and your big travel backpack and let's go! But, before we get started we have a few tips for your time in Scandinavia...

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The perfect weekend in Brussels

The Perfect Weekend in Brussels

Discover the capital of Europe...

Besides being the capital of Europe, Brussels is also the capital of the Kingdom of Belgium. The city itself is over a thousand years old and in the historic center of the city, you can feel the history of the city (and Europe). Our colleague Kira has lived in the Belgian capital for three years and now takes you on a journey to this beautiful city.

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The best destinations for tea lovers.

The Best Destinations for Tea Lovers

A cup of tea opens the world...

....that's what the Japanese already said about this brew. Tea is a magical brew, which like coffee makes us awake or makes us sleepy. Tea helps against colds and digestive problems. Also, tea is the epitome of coziness. If you prefer coffee, we also have the best spots for coffee lovers. This is how you can experience tea around the world... 

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