The 6 Best Tips for Backpacking through Europe

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Have you ever thought of a backpacking trip across Europe? Just the thought of traveling through all the different European countries and experiencing their unique cultures gets you excited, right? No wonder, as Europe has so much to offer for every backpacker who decides to take the first step towards the adventure of their lives. But just to make your backpacking trip a bit more comfortable and even more enjoyable, we have gathered here the best tips and tricks to use while being on the road across Europe. Enjoy!

6. Set a budget for your trip

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Set a budget for your trip

It’s no secret that Europe and most of its countries can be seen as expensive, especially depending on what country you are coming from and to which countries you are heading to. Some countries are more affordable, like Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Greece. But others will hurt your wallet a little bit more. Make sure you plan a rough budget and stick to it at least the majority of the time. The small costs here and there tend to add up to a bigger amount in the end. And in addition, be sure to look up also these ways to spare your money while traveling. This way you are able to save a euro or more for your next upcoming trips!

5. Best transportation options

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Best transportation options

As transportation might get pretty costly some times, gladly there are also other inexpensive alternatives. For flights, you might want to consider using Ryanair as this airline usually offers the cheapest and most convenient flights within Europe. You are able to find flights as cheap as 20€/one way, which usually offers faster and cheaper transportation compared to trains as an example.

When traveling inside a certain country or just crossing the border, you might want to check FlixBus out. This bus company offers relatively cheap transportation almost all across Europe, starting with 7€/trip. It is possible to travel from the southern parts of Germany to the Northern parts of Italy with just over 20€, sounds quite good right?

When choosing to travel on the train, make sure to check the local train companies and their offers before booking something. The prices may vary a lot depending on when and where you book your train tickets from. And as a bonus, be sure to use your student ID if you happen to have one and ask for possible discounts.

4. Pack light

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Pack light

This one should not come as a surprise but trust us, here less is definitely more. By packing light you are not just saving your back from all the carrying but also your nerves when you don’t have to pack all of these things every day in and out of your backpack when it is fully packed. Bring clothes that are versatile and easy to mix and match. You can always do laundry along the way, so don’t worry about running out of clean clothes. These tips will definitely come handy when planning on traveling with just one bag, be sure to check them out!

3. Choose the accommodation for your needs

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Choose the accommodation for your needs

Accommodation is easily one of the most expensive things when breaking down the cost of your backpacking trip across Europe. This mostly comes down to your own desires but we recommend to keep in mind that this accommodation for the night is just for you to have a place to sleep for a night or two. Unless you are planning an all-inclusive stay at someplace, we warmly recommend to look up a few weeks before departure the local hostels and other places to stay overnight and keep the expenses down while still being able to have a safe and good night sleep.

2. European cuisine

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European cuisine

This is one of the biggest advantages when traveling across Europe. You are able to experience all of the incredible cuisines just within a few weeks time. Spanish paella today and French baguette tomorrow. You might want to end the week with delicious original Pizza straight from its origin, Naples. Sounds amazing? It really is! And if you happen to be a vegetarian, you have no need to worry. We have gathered here also the best countries to visit as a vegetarian while traveling through the world.

1. Find yourself a travel buddy

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Find yourself a travel buddy

Traveling across Europe is just amazing, but how could you make it even better? Well, traveling with a group of like-minded people makes it even more incredible! Find yourself a cool travel buddy with whom to explore Europe and gather unforgettable memories. It is known that the best joy is the joy that can be shared so hop on and find your best travel buddy already today!

But if you decide to take this Europe backpacking trip alone and especially if you happen to be traveling alone as a woman, look up at least these tips for a more safe and enjoyable trip across Europe when traveling alone.

If Europe backpacking trip is not yet your #1 trip plan, take a look at these best countries to travel to in 2020 and get inspired!

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