Best Caribbean Islands to Visit

beautiful turqoise water with amazing beach huts and a wooden path in a beautiful caribbean island

Best Caribbean Islands to Visit for Vacation

If you’re like us who are dreaming of warmer days, you might also be thinking about heading to the Caribbean. We understand that Winter months can be so unforgiving and everyone deserves a little sun on the back and a fruity cocktail in their hand. But with a dozen of beautifully vast islands scattered across the Caribbean, it could be difficult to decide on just one. But which of the most beautiful Caribbean islands should you visit? Here are some choices for you!

1. Aruba

the spectacular island, Aruba, showing the bright blue waves in a beautiful cove

The most direct flights from the US and Canada is Aruba, making it accessible to travel to. The main attraction is the endless beaches lined with massive first class resorts, restaurants and bars. On top of this, you will find windswept trees and beautiful rugged shorelines that you can enjoy almost all to yourself. It’s also an amazing destination for the adventurers with hiking trails, rock climbing and lava formations to discover. No wonder why this small island comes first in the list of best Caribbean islands to visit.

2. Barbados

the must-visit caribbean island for a vacation, Barbados. The clear night showing the amazing sky with stars

The country of Barbados has something for everyone. On top of the breathtaking sunsets, you can expect to see pink sandy beaches and exotic wildlife. Especially for anyone interested in music and dance, Barbados is certainly the best Caribbean island to visit! Again, there is something for everyone here!

3. Cayman Islands

a spectacular contemporary resort in one of the best for vacation.
Cayman Islands

You can find resorts of all classes here. Experience some of the worlds best diving and snorkeling while be able to swimm side by side a school of stingrays. The Cayman Island are said to have some of the nicest beaches in the entire Caribbean.

4. Cuba

an aerial picture showing the beauty of the best caribbean island to vist, cuba, showing the stunning landscapes of mountains and trees and nature.

Step back to 1950 and experience the colorful magic of Cuba. Cuba is famously known for music, rum and cigars. As well as this, you can relax on beautiful sandy beaches with a cocktail in hand. Besides, the beautiful colorful buildings with unique architecture are something that you should not miss. Cuba is definitely one of the most travel-worthy Caribbean islands.

5. Grenada

Two people sitting on paddleboards and talking to eachother while on the amazing turqoise water of the beautiful Grenada

If you’re seeking a wellness holiday, then Grenada is the best Caribbean island to visit, as the island is known for health and wellness spas. Also, you won’t run out of beautiful views here, no matter where you go, it is full of stunning plant life, colorful markets and smiling locals.

6. Saba

a picture of a road with a view over the sea on the beutiful caribbean island Saba

This is the perfect Caribbean getaway for the true adventurers. The fact is that Saba does not have beaches. The main reasons for it being one of the best Caribbean islands to visit are skilled scuba divers, hikers and explorers.

7. St. Lucia

a view of a mountain next to the body of water and a town surrounded by beautiful nature, landscapes and water at the top St Lucia
St. Lucia

St. Lucia is perfect for those travellers looking for a little bit of romance in their life. With some of the most stunning views of the Caribbean, you can expect to be blown away by the vast beauty of towering cliffs and blue waters surrounding them. If this sounds appealing to you then save St. Lucia to your list as it is among best Caribbean islands to visit!

8. Trinidad & Tobago

a view of the calm body of water by a white sandy beach and a view of the green landscapes with mountains and trees in the best caribbean islands of Trinidad & Tobago
Trinidad & Tobago

This is a perfect Caribbean destination for a cultural experience. Trinidad and Tobago is vibrant and multicultural, and is as south as you can reach in the Caribbean. It is famously known for the carnival, but the island has a lot more to offer than a good party, as you can find exciting wildlife and beautiful beaches.

These are the best Caribbean destinations to visit as they all have something unqiue to offer, and are all utterly beautiful which makes jetting off so tempting! These are destinations that are perfect to travel to as a group, if you think so too, then head to JoinMyTrip to find a group to start exploring with.

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