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Countries to Visit for Water Signs, Travel Astrology.

For all our fellow Cancers, Scorpios & Pisces out there…

Welcome back to episode three of the Travel Astrology Show, hosted by no one other than our Alex who lives and breathes astrology! Every week we will be sharing travel astrology episodes depending on the element you were born under. Last week we focused on countries to visit for earth signs and for this week, we have travel astrology for water signs. If you don’t know your element, don’t fret! Simply Google and you will easily find out.  As we all know, Google has all the answers… 😉 

For the third episode, we will be focusing on travel astrology for water signs, meaning people who were born under one of the following zodiac signs; Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. Big feelings and a big imagination, you know that friend that always cries? Probably a water sign. Alex will be giving a brief introduction to the personalities of each water sign and chat about the countries that you should visit perfect for your sign. You don’t have to know much about astrology to understand, as Alex will guide you through it all! 

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Italy: You wouldn’t travel too far because you are super family-oriented and might get a little homesick. You would prefer to stay in Europe and have a calm no action-filled holiday. Something a little more chilled where you can turn the world off and take care of yourself for a change. Italy would be a great destination for Cancers.


Scandinavia: Scorpios are a little hard to pin down so it was a little difficult to choose a location as each scorpio would most likely like something different. You are a little difficult to figure out sometimes but we have gone for Scandinavia. Relaxing at the fjords but also the possibility to check out the cities, a trip that is good for the soul.


Philippines: Anywhere near water as it is your element. A beach holiday to the Philippines would be a great destination for pisces. Somewhere you can do some island hopping, sip on coconut at the beach, stare into the ocean, and go snorkelling like a little fish in the water.

We hope you enjoyed the third episode of Travel Astrology with Alex where she tells you about the best countries to visit for water signs. Stay tuned for next week where she discusses the element of air!

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