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18th of February 2021

South Africa has launched vaccination program

One of the first to be vaccinated was the prime minister who said he was very happy about the program starting. Next on the list are all healthcare workers. 

Travel Bubbles should be avoided 

As international travel is one of the main drivers in the spread of Coronavirus travel bubbles should be avoided for now, experts say. If anything, domestic travel should be the first priority in getting the tourism industries back on track. 

Emirates expects travel to recover from May onwards

The airline hopes that the demand for travel will start flourishing in May and develop into a very lucrative summer. Hopes are high due to vaccination programs working their way around the globe. 

France deliberates vaccine passports

The country is planning on introducing ‘vaccine passports’ for the post-covid travel era. It’s advocates argue that this would allow the tourism industry to bounce back more quickly. On the other hand, it could be seen as discriminatory. 

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