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JoinMyTrip has you covered! On this week’s travel news, Germany has gone into strict lockdown on Wednesday 16. Non-essential travel at home and abroad is prohibited and public life is to be shut down.

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 11. December 2020

Italy introduces stricter Corona measures from Dec. 21-Jan. 6. All travelers from the EU, who can not give a valid reason for entry, must immediately quarantine.

14. December 2020

There is still confusion about the entry regulations of the Canary Islands. It is hoped that rapid antigen tests with negative test results will be enough for entry.

14. December 2020

Germany has gone into strict lockdown on Wednesday, initially to last three and a half weeks. Non-essential travel locally and abroad is prohibited and public life is to be shut down.

Germany has gone into strict lockdown at the bandenburg gate
Germany has gone into strict lockdown.

14. December 2020

A New York nurse has become the first person in the U.S. to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. This is the start of the largest vaccination campaign in the country’s history. The concoction is made by the German company BioNtech and its US partner Pfizer.

15. December 2020

After nine months, Nepal reopens its air borders for tourists. The application for a tourist visa is also possible again. Entry requirements include a seven-day hotel quarantine.

15. December 2020

Greece has changed its entry requirements. In addition to a negative PCR test and a rapid test upon arrival, a three-day quarantine is now mandatory.

Germany has gone into strict lockdown in Santorini, Greece with white buildings and clear blue sky
Greece has changed its entry requirements.

15. December 2020

The Netherlands decided on a five-week lockdown in which only stores for daily needs are allowed to open until January 19th. In addition, only three-person meetings are allowed.

16. December 2020

South Africa closes its Corona hotspot beaches and introduces a nationwide nighttime curfew and mandatory masks. In addition, it is advised to get vaccinated against rabies. 

17. December 2020

In order to keep all other Canary Islands open to tourists, Tenerife will now be closed to travelers from Friday due to high infection numbers.

A landscape view of Tenerife in Spain with the roads in the mountains.

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