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15th of July 2021 


Spain and Greece tightens restrictions

Owing to the increase in the number of cases with regard to the Delta variant, countries in Europe have imposed a lot of restrictions now, just weeks after these restrictions were eased. Spain and Greece have decided to tighten restrictions. This is contrary to the United Kingdom, which will remove COVID-19 restrictions on July 19th despite rising cases of the Delta Variant. 


France announces stricter restrictions on unvaccinated travelers

France has announced stricter restrictions on unvaccinated travelers from three countries: Spain, Portugal, and the UK.


Google launches travel insights

Google has launched a new free tool called Travel Insights with Google that leverages Google Search data to deliver insights into real-time travel demand. The first tool, Destination Insights, gives travel businesses, governments, and tourism boards a clear picture of where travel demand is coming from so they can plan accordingly. A second tool, Hotel Insights, has been customized to help hoteliers analyze search trends so they can attract new guests based on where interest is coming from. 


Asian air travel may take another three years to recover fully

Asian air travel may take another three years to recover fully from the devastation bought by the Covid-19 pandemic. It will take until 2024 for international air travel across the region to reach pre-virus levels. Low rates of vaccination in many countries, the challenge posed by the fast-spreading Delta variant, and persistent lockdowns have all set back the recovery. 


Source: Traveloffpath, The Local, Forbes, The Straits Times. 


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