Is Mauritius the Remote Coworking Paradise for You?

Find out why Mauritius is the perfect destination to be Coworking from.

Winter is approaching, it is dark and cold and the days in the home office seem so incredibly long. We have the solution: Coworking on Mauritius! What sounds like a dream is not as impossible as you might think. We’ll tell you everything you need to know for wintering in paradise.

Palm trees Mauritius

Why Mauritius?

Sun, sand, sea and More

We don’t have to explain that Mauritius is a real dream island. Situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean, this paradise extends over an area of 2,000 square kilometers. Turquoise blue water, beautiful beaches and a breathtaking landscape invite you to swim, dive, sail, and simply relax. The best thing is that the climate is pleasantly warm all year round, making Mauritius the perfect destination for sunbathing even in the European winter.

Cost, timezones & Corona

Those of you who are looking for peace and seclusion are most likely to find it in the south of the island around the region of Le Morne. Those who are interested in culture and urban life are best off around Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. But one should not be deterred by the costs. The cost of living is, as long as you do not plan an all-inclusive vacation, not as high as you might think. The prices in the supermarkets are similar to those in Germany and with some skill you can find good, affordable accommodation.

If your job requires you to be in regular meetings, another point to consider when choosing a coworking destination is the time zone. Mauritius is 3 hours ahead of Germany. A sigh of relief for all late risers. The 8 a.m. call according to German time starts at 11 a.m. on Mauritius. And even for late meetings, a time difference of 3 hours is still absolutely feasible, so that you can easily keep up.

And what about Corona? Good news! Mauritius is currently one of the safest countries in terms of the virus. Less than 500 infections have been confirmed on the island state since the beginning of the pandemic. Upon entry, a 14-day quarantine must be carried out and a negative PCR test must be presented. All current information on entry can be found here.

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Working on Mauritius

Reasons to do coworking

Were we able to convince you of Mauritius and now you ask yourself: why coworking?

1. Share your experience

Living and working on Mauritius sounds lovely. But what makes it a much better experience is to have someone to plan and share this adventure with. Because even in paradise it can get quite boring. In a group, you can explore the island together in your free time, cook and tell each other stories about life. After all, the great thing about traveling is meeting new people.

2. Increase creativity and productivity

The change of scenery alone is certainly good for your creativity and productivity. But it will be even better if you surround yourself with inspiring people with whom you can share your experiences and ideas. A new perspective certainly can’t hurt! And who knows, you might even learn some new skills on your coworking adventure.

3. Share the cost

Even though the cost of living in Mauritius is definitely affordable, such an adventure is quite an expense. The great thing about coworking is that you not only share your experiences but also the cost of accommodation, food, transportation and so on. A lot of money can be saved when traveling in a group, compared to solo travel.

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Coworking on Mauritius

Visa for coworking on Mauritius

Another important question for the coworking adventure in Mauritius is the visa. We have great news here too! The new Premium Travel Visa offers you the opportunity to live and work on the islands for up to a year.

This is what you need for your visa:

  • Travel and health insurance
  • Proof that you work outside of Mauritius (to avoid competition with the locals in the job market)
  • Proof of long-term residence plans in Mauritius

Get some more information and the application forum here.

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Did we convince you to plan your coworking adventure in Mauritius? Then create your coworking trip here and find like-minded people or discover other coworking trips.

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