Travel destinations based on your favorite emoji.

Travel Destinations Based on Your Favorite Emoji

Travel to the destination based on your favorite emoji! ✈️

Emojis are a fun way for us to express and communicate ourselves in the digital world, and we know you probably have your favorite emoji that is most used. Your favorite emoji might even be able to tell you which travel destination suits you best! This is why we have created this fun blog to help you decide on your next travel destination. So, find your favorite emoji in this list and start traveling! 

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The impact of the new COVID-19 Delta variant on travel.

The Impact of the New COVID-19 Delta Variant on Travel

How is travel looking like now? 

Throughout the previous few months, we've seen a return to practically "normal" in the world of travel.  Interstate travel in the U.S was returning. Numerous nations, particularly in Europe, had begun to release travel limitations mostly through vaccination passports to invite International travel. Presently, it appears to be that the most recent COVID-19 Delta variation is threatening to ruin everything for travelers. So here you will get to know about the newest variation's pros and cons, as well as how they may influence travel this year.

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Tropical Island-Feeling on Siquijor on Trip of the Week.

Tropical Island-Feeling on Siquijor | Trip of the Week

A unique island adventure in The Philippines! 🏝️

Welcome back to another episode of “Trip of the Week” where our team member Emilie will be presenting to you all the available trips that we have on the JoinMyTrip platform weekly! In our 13th episode, Emilie has chosen her favorite trip of this week which is "Tropical Island-Feeling on Siquijor" with TripLeader Felix. Tune in as Emilie tells you about what the trip will entail and everything you can look forward to!

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Helsinki Group Travel Guide: church in the main square of Helsinki

Helsinki Group Travel Guide

How to discover the Pearl of the Baltic with your friends

Helsinki is a culturally rich hub with plenty of unique activities to offer to its visitors. It is no wonder that the capital of Finland intrigues travelers from around the world! With a rich food scene, plenty of activity and a Nordic style of life, you and your TravelMates will not be disappointed when visiting this fun city. 😍

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