Treasures of Bosnia and Herzegovina trip.

Treasures of Bosnia and Herzegovina | Trip of the Week

Experience mixed cultures in the heart of Southern Europe! 🇧🇦

Welcome back to another episode of “Trip of the Week” where our team member Emilie will be presenting to you all the available trips that we have on the JoinMyTrip platform weekly! In our 12th episode, Emilie has chosen her favorite trip of this week which is "Treasures of Bosnia & Herzegovina" with TripLeader Marko. Tune in as Emilie tells you about what the trip will entail and everything you can look forward to!

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Switzerland group travel guide

Switzerland Group Travel Guide

Grab your travel mates & let's go on an adventure! 

Most of you are probably picturing men in lederhosen and women in dirndls yodeling as they walk their goats over lush, green hills. While others see a land of corporate raiders rushing through the urban jungle. Of course, there is a kernel of truth in every stereotype but sorry to break it to you, it's not like that. Switzerland is a mountainous country; it has the highest number of mountains that reach over 4,000 meters! Just about every Swiss city is surrounded by hills and boasts a lake or river. This Switzerland travel guide will advise you on the best sights and activities to guide you through your group travels! 

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Best European budget destinations.

Best European Budget Destinations

Discover the cheapest European countries without breaking the bank...

Traveling can be super expensive, but traveling can also be super affordable if you choose the right destinations! This is why we have chosen the best European budget destinations that you can travel to whenever without spending a fortune. When there is a will there is always a way, no excuses. 😉 So, start booking your trip today!

Make sure to also check out our article on how to travel the world on a budget for some tips and tricks. 

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The perfect weekend in Brussels

The Perfect Weekend in Brussels

Discover the capital of Europe...

Besides being the capital of Europe, Brussels is also the capital of the Kingdom of Belgium. The city itself is over a thousand years old and in the historic center of the city, you can feel the history of the city (and Europe). Our colleague Kira has lived in the Belgian capital for three years and now takes you on a journey to this beautiful city.

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