Where you can go stargazing in Europe

Where YOU can go Stargazing in Europe!

Look up and get lost in the stars ✨

There's nothing more calming and beautiful than spending a night under the stars. The sense of peace that overwhelms you as you look up and realize how small you actually are in this huge universe. This is why we have picked the best spots where you can go stargazing in Europe and marvel at the incredible stars above. If you are lucky, you might even catch a shooting star! So, have your wish ready.  

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Madeira hike, beach and chill on the trip of the week show.

Madeira Hike, Beach and Chill | Trip of the Week

Enjoy the now in Madeira!

Welcome back to another episode of “Trip of the Week” where our team member Emilie will be presenting to you all the available trips that we have on the JoinMyTrip platform weekly! In our 11th episode, Emilie has chosen her favorite trip of this week which is "MADEIRA: Hike + Beach + Chill + Highlights of the island" with TripLeader Kirstin and Fabian. Tune in as Emilie tells you about what the trip will entail and everything you can look forward to!

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Most Beautiful Rainforests to Visit in Australia: Rainforest

Most Beautiful Rainforests to Visit in Australia

Where you can find the mightiest of jungles on your Aussie trip...

Australia's rich and lively nature attracts free-spirited travelers from all over the globe. So, what's all the hype? 😉 Well, for one thing, Australia is full of lush rainforest jungles speaking to all of our inner Tarzan. Discover where to find the most beautiful rainforests in the Land Down Under

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Most Beautiful Bridges in the World

Most Beautiful Bridges in the World

Bridges we don't want to be burning... 

Have you ever crossed a bridge and just admired its beauty? Or maybe you've wondered how the heck they managed to construct the bridge? At JoinMyTrip we're all about building bridges with friends you haven't met yet! Start building bridges and visiting them! Here's where you can find the most beautiful and unique bridges around the world... 

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How to Have the Perfect Log Cabin Stay: cabin in the mountains

How to Have the Perfect Log Cabin Stay

We've all dreamed of escaping to the woods... 

There's something romantic about staying in a log cabin, enjoying nature. Here's how to get planning your next log cabin stay, including the best destinations for the ultimate log cabin vibes! Plus... summer is upon us, and we all know that a log cabin stay is the ultimate way to de-stress ourselves. 

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