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21st of July 2021 


Qatar Airways wins world's best airline in 2021

The world’s best airlines for 2021 have now been announced by AirlinerRatings which releases its annual roundup. Qatar Airways jumped up the ranking and took the top spot, beating out previous winner Air New Zealand. Air New Zealand has topped the list six times over the past several years and this year it came in at number two. 


Saudi Arabia makes it compulsory for its citizens to be fully vaccinated to travel

Saudi Arabia’s new Covid-19 rule from August is that all citizens of the country must compulsorily complete two doses of vaccination if they want to travel overseas. 


Spain reports close to 60,000 new cases

Spain has now reported close to 60,000 cases as the new rule in the U.K increased the number of vaccinated travelers from the U.K to visit Spain. However, Germany and France have already advised their citizens against traveling to Spain. Now the steep increase in Covid-19 cases has pushed some Spanish regions to reimpose curfews. 


The travel bubble between Singapore and Hong Kong has been paused

Also, because of the increase in Covid-19 cases in Singapore, the much-awaited travel bubble between Singapore and Hong Kong has been paused. This is because both countries' safety measures did not meet the required standards. 


Source: CNN, Wion, Skift. 


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