Remote Professionals Experiences with JMT Coworking Trips | CoWorking Show

Remote professionals experiences with JMT Coworking trips, CoWorking Show.

TripMates Lucie & James share their experiences! 

Today Anna is in sunny Gran Canaria, Spain on another coworking trip yet again! For this episode, Anna asked her TripMates Lucie and James (two remote professionals) to join her in sharing their experiences on the JoinMyTrip Coworking trips. Lucie has been on a couple of coworking trips before, and she just can’t resist not joining another one! Find out what made her want to join another coworking trip again and what makes the experience so special to them. 

Questions such as; How did they come across coworking trips? What made them want to go on a coworking trip? Do they feel safe traveling now during the pandemic? Main benefits they have noticed of a coworking trip? What’s the most inspiring thing so far? Will be answered in this week’s episode! 

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We hope you enjoyed this week’s episode on remote professionals’ experiences with JoinMyTrip Coworking trips. See you in our next episode

Have they inspired you to plan or join your next coworking trip? Head over to JoinMyTrip to start finding like-minded professionals to travel with today. 

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