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Sail, jam, fly group on the sailing boat on the coast of Mallorca

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Sailing β›΅, swimming, diving 🐟 , Yoga πŸ§˜β™€, Sunbathing β˜€ , chatting & music, music, music🎼 Together with Ben & Jack, a colourful group of photographers, influencers and travel bloggers, who have sailed around the world for 5 years, we spent a week sailing around Mallorca. Anni and Mathias from Adreamteamaroundtheworld and Elena reported about their time on the boat & travelling as TripMate at JoinMyTrip!

Group of travellers on a sailing boat

Did you know your TripMates before?

Anni&Mathias: “We knew each other, but nobody else.”

Elena: ” No, I didn’t know anybody before πŸ™‚ Through the lottery with you I knew who would go on the trip with me and we wrote each other a couple of times.”

Which moment of the trip will you never forget?

Anni&Mathias: “Some…the evenings with Jack on guitar and everyone singing are probably the most formative.”

Elena: “Ohhh there are a lot of them! Our first jam session with the guys, the long drive over to Cabrera, where you could just sit there and look at the sea and especially our little vocal part with Titanic – these things surely belong to my favorite moments.”

Group of travelers putting their hands in the air facing away from the camera looking at the ocean

Was there any difficult situation during your trip?

Anni&Mathias: “Only the typically bad weather at the beginning, but that made everything so cosy 😊”.

Elena: “No, I don’t think so. I felt completely safe and comfortable with this crazy crew the whole time. There were no discussions or other problems. We were just like a happy family :D”

What difficulties did you have when you didn’t know each other?

Anni&Mathias: “None at all. In contrast, it made the trip so special.”

Elena: “Actually none. Of course, it was funny to think about living together with 12 strange people for a week in such a small room, sharing a bed with a strange person.. what awaits you? Will you get along well? Will it be funny? But it was really so easy just to get out of your comfort zone. After all, we were all open to new encounters.”

What advice would you give to someone thinking about traveling with JoinMyTrip?

Anni&Mathias: “Don’t worry too much about the trip, it’s going to be a wonderful adventure.”

Elena: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone! Don’t think too much, just MAKE it, it’s worth it.”

Thinking about the sailing trip, what would be the one thing you would like to give to our readers (the best thing would be something you wouldn’t read elsewhere)?

Anni&Mathias: “Of course you have to think about what it is for you. We compared it to a bigger camper that rides on the water. Those who expect 5 star comfort will be disappointed and even the swell can be a disaster for a weak stomach. But if you’re looking for adventure and like to reach places you can’t easily get to, then this is the right thing for you.”

Elena: “This trip has given me an incredible amount. Not only the conversations with other people, but also this unbelievable peace that sailing brings with it, I love the sea and this feeling of having only ocean around me. As an influencer, I am always on my mobile 24/7 and on the boat I could just switch off completely. I have already booked the next sailing trip with JoinMyTrip directly.”

Sailing boat in the ocean

What impressed you most about Mallorca?

Anni&Mathias: “The blue water, the beautiful bays, the pretty city of Palma. Mallorca is much more than a ballerina.”

Elena: “The sailboat! The combination of sailing and music was unbelievably perfect. We had time, just to do nothing and on the other hand enough of a program. The bays of Mallorca were incredibly beautiful and waking up in the morning with this view was simply impressive”.

If you had to decide again, would you do the same trip again?

Elena: “Absolutely! What a question!”

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