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The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

Life’s a beach… isn’t it? Discover where to find the most beautiful ones!

We all know the stereotypical ‘beach vacay’ but sometimes it’s exactly what we need. Being by the beach is the ultimate way to escape reality and just relax. But who says beaches are just for the beach bums? There are plenty of beautiful beaches that aren’t really made for sun tanning and margaritas that are also worth a visit. Whatever kind of beach lover you are, here are the most beautiful beaches in the world to go explore with your friends…

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10 Best Surf Spots in the World

Surf’s up! Here’s where to find the best waves around the world…

Isn’t learning to surf basically on everyone’s bucket list? If you’ve always dreamed of learning to surf but don’t quite know who to go on this bucket list adventure with, create a trip with JoinMyTrip to get some like-minded aspiring surfers to go with you! And, no need to go looking too far for where the best surf spots in the world are, because we’ve compiled 10 of the best ones for you…

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7 Incredible Night Markets in the World

Hoot hoot… Where are all the night owls?

Are you a night owl and prefer doing your shopping after the sun sets? Here we have 7 of the most incredible night markets in the world to shop till you drop while satisfying the night owl in you at the same time. So, better start saving up!

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Best Trips in the World for 2021

The world is wide, so where should I go? Here’s the best trips for the year…

2021 has hit the world with all kinds of curve balls, but the future is bright! If you’re looking forward to international travel as much as we are, we’ve compiled a list of the best trips in the world, so that all you have to do is to pick one (or two)! You can even use this as an inspiration to create your first trip with JoinMyTrip in leading a unique adventure with like-minded travelers!

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The Travel Food Show | Canadian Food Edition

How about some poutine, eh?

Welcome to another episode of the Travel Food Show! Since our host, Mariellen, is Finnish-Canadian and we already covered base on what foods to try in Finland, it’s time to travel to this other country in the North… Canadian food culture is largely defined by its multicultural background. Now, because of this, it can be hard to point out what food exactly is ‘Canadian’. Much of the cuisine has its origins from somewhere else. But worry not… we’ve compiled a list of five foods that can really get you into the spirit of the Great White North.

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6 Must-Visit Spots in British Columbia

The most stunning spots in Canada’s ‘Wild West’

Canada is known for its versatile landscapes, friendly people and, well, maple syrup. The westernmost province of Canada, British Columbia, boasts some of the country’s most iconic landscapes. A visit to “Beautiful British Columbia” will evidently make for one of the most thrilling trips of your life.

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