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A statue of Martin Luther in front of a church in Germany

Following the Footsteps of Martin Luther

A historical journey through 'Luther Country'... 

Martin Luther was an important historical figure, known for the translation of the New Testament from Greek into German, which would go on to shape much of the German language. In Germany, many travelers flock to Luther Country every year to follow his pathway. In honor of Ascension Day and an important week in Christianity, we explore the stomping grounds of the foundation of the Protestant religion... ðŸ’¡

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Following the Footsteps of Neil Armstrong

When the earth isn’t enough to explore…

Get your adventure mode on! Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the Moon, is the best example of an adventurer. In honor of National Travel and Tourism Week in the United States, it is only right that we celebrate this American astronaut. Here’s how to add a little Armstrong to your next trip… Hint: you can (sort of) do it while having your two feet planted firmly on Earth!

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Hamburg Insider Tips | JoinMyTrip Approved

Explore Hamburg with JoinMyTrip

Moin moin from JoinMyTrip‘s home Hamburg! In cooperation with our entire team, we have compiled the best insider tips for Hamburg. This way you can discover a bit more of Hamburg and not always be surrounded by tourists. Let’s go…

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Insider Tips | Berlin Edition

Experience Berlin away from the tourists

You don’t have any plans for your long weekends and want to experience something new? Then we recommend a visit to the capital. You can’t book hotels in Berlin at the moment, but there are plenty of Airbnbs. So we recommend you leave the couch at home behind and explore the capital. These insider tips will guide you off the beaten path through Berlin and its surroundings. There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re a foodie or a culture lover.

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The Travel Food Show | German Food Edition

You’ll never go hungry in Germany if you try these 5 foods…

Welcome to another episode of the Travel Food Show with your host, Mariellen! This week we got some tips from a fellow German-native colleague on which foods in Germany are not to be missed. As we know, Germans love a good hefty feast… what is interesting about German food traditions is that they’re often very regional. For example, you might find yourself arguing about what the correct name for a jam-filled donut is, because it is called by three different names in different regions.

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