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Travel Podcast – World’s Scariest Ghost Towns (S.2, Ep.14)

Get ready for a spooky episode

In this week’s travel podcast things will be getting a little spooky… We discuss the world’s scariest ghost towns and the stories that come with them! Today, we are joined with Jasmine (Finland), Stella (Germany), and Emilie (France) who are all supernatural lovers themselves. So, if you are a sucker for the supernatural and love a good ghost story be sure to tune in, we are pretty sure the three girls were not recording this alone…

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Travel Podcast – Traveling on a Budget (S.2, Ep. 13)

We have all been broke once… If not, you’re probably lying

In this week’s travel podcast we will be giving you some tips and tricks on how you can start traveling on a budget and explore the world! Today, we are joined with Jasmine (Finland), Mariellen (Finland), Kira (Germany), and Zeyna (Germany) who have all been broke students once. As we all know traveling can be very expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why we are about to discuss how you can save money and still go on an incredible adventure! 

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Travel Podcast – Making of The JoinMyTrip Podcast (S.2, Ep.12)

How do we do it?

This week’s travel podcast is for all you curious cats out there. Ever wondered why we started the JoinMyTrip travel podcast? How did we record the podcast episodes and the process we went through? We are joined with Jasmine (Finland), Flori (Germany, and Tim (Australia) to discuss some of our favourite failed moments during the recording sessions, and hilarious comments we have made along the way. They talk about how it all began, and how the first-ever JoinMyTrip Travel Podcast was recorded. You will want to hear the story…

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Travel Podcast – Join My (Girls) Trip! (S.2, Ep.11)

Let’s go on a girl’s trip!

For this week’s travel podcast, we have a special join my (girls) trip episode! If you haven’t already noticed, the majority of the people in our team are female, but we wanted to take the chance to share with you our experiences we have had that are unique. Now, we aren’t discounting men entirely but as the queen herself says, “Who runs the world!?” That’s right Beyonce… Girls! Alex (UK), Stella (Germany), and Jasmine (Finland) discuss how you can make the most out of your next getaway with the girls and things you should look out for. 

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Travel Podcast – Meaningful Travel Lessons (S.2, EP.10)

What did we learn through our years of traveling?

In today’s podcast, we have Jasmine (Finland) with three of our newest team members that freshly joined this month! Let’s give a warm welcome to Mariellen (Finland), Emilie (France), and Juliana (USA) for joining us on this week’s travel podcast. We discuss what meaningful travel lessons we have learned through our years of traveling, and some funny stories along the way… You definitely don’t want to mess with some of us after listening to this episode. 😉 

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Travel Podcast – Saint Patrick’s Day Celebrations (S.2, EP.9)

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! 

Before we get started, happy Saint Patrick’s Day to everyone from JoinMyTrip! We hope everyone is having a very green day today. This week, we have Wil (USA), Stella (Germany), and Lisa (Australia) talk about one of the best holidays for travelers: Saint Patrick’s Day! You might be wondering why we think that this day is something every traveler should have at least celebrated once – so we are here to tell you why!

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Travel Podcast – Anna Hangs With Founder of HÄNG, Tobi (S.2, Ep.8)

Come hang with us!

In this week’s travel podcast episode, someone special decided to join the podcast… We have the founder of the remote business ‘HÄNG’, Tobi. Together with Anna from JoinMyTrip, they discuss how the incredible business idea stems from! So, you might be wondering what HÄNG is? HÄNG is a German-based company that encourages people to spend more time outdoors by providing a range of outdoor gear. However, they are most famous for their hammocks. Check out our partnership with them here:

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Travel Podcast – Traveling As A Single (S.2, Ep.7)

Tune in to our Valentine’s special for singles!

In this week’s travel podcast episode, we are joined with Jasmine (Finland), Flori (Germany), and our lovely producer, Tim (Australia) who also made an appearance. Last week we discussed what it’s like traveling with your partner. Now it’s time for all our single friends out there to shine. They discuss single life, what it’s like traveling as a single, and whether they have ever fallen in love with a foreign hottie while traveling…

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Travel Podcast – Traveling With Your Partner (S.2, Ep.6)

Tune in to our Valentine’s special for couples!

In this travel podcast episode we talk about what it’s like traveling with partners! Because it’s soon Valentine’s day and love is in the air, we thought we should share some experiences about what it’s like traveling as a significant other! We have some fun stories and some very interesting facts about mixing love and maybe some information that you didn’t know!

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Travel Podcast – City Escapes & ‘Concrete Jungle’ Adventures (S.2, Ep. 5)

Listen to our fun and most favourite memories!

Welcome back to another travel podcast episode! This week our two biggest city slickers Wil (USA) and Anna (Germany), talk about their concrete-jungle adventures, city and skyline experiences, some favourite & fun memories, some ‘less-favourable’ moments and finally, some very important and beneficial travel advice for you to take with you, if you decide to go traveling into the biggest & the best cities on earth. 

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