Travel Podcast – Join My (Girls) Trip! (S.2, Ep.11)

Travel Podcast, Join My (Girls) Trip.

Let’s go on a girl’s trip!

For this week’s travel podcast, we have a special join my (girls) trip episode! If you haven’t already noticed, the majority of the people in our team are female, but we wanted to take the chance to share with you our experiences we have had that are unique. Now, we aren’t discounting men entirely but as the queen herself says, “Who runs the world!?” That’s right Beyonce… Girls! Alex (UK), Stella (Germany), and Jasmine (Finland) discuss how you can make the most out of your next getaway with the girls and things you should look out for. 

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Join My Girls Trip travel podcast episode.

We hope that after tuning in to our Join My (Girls) Trip episode we have gotten you into the mood of planning your own trip or joining other travelers’ unique trips. Make sure to try it out now! Find your travel buddies on JoinMyTrip to share costs, experiences, and have the time of your life with other like-minded travelers. 

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