Travel Podcast – Making of The JoinMyTrip Podcast (S.2, Ep.12)

Making of The JoinMyTrip Travel Podcast.

How do we do it?

This week’s travel podcast is for all you curious cats out there. Ever wondered why we started the JoinMyTrip travel podcast? How did we record the podcast episodes and the process we went through? We are joined with Jasmine (Finland), Flori (Germany, and Tim (Australia) to discuss some of our favourite failed moments during the recording sessions, and hilarious comments we have made along the way. They talk about how it all began, and how the first-ever JoinMyTrip Travel Podcast was recorded. You will want to hear the story…

Remember the time, Flori totally zoned out in a podcast episode and forgot what the question was? Yep, we are never forgetting that one. Tune in to listen to stories like this about the JoinMyTrip team and get to know us!

Tune in to the making of the JoinMyTrip Travel Podcast:

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The making of the JoinMyTrip travel podcast episode.

We hope that after tuning in to our making of the JoinMyTrip podcast episode we have gotten you into the mood of planning your own trip or joining other travelers’ unique trips. Make sure to try it out now! Find your travel buddies on JoinMyTrip to share costs, experiences, and have the time of your life with other like-minded travelers. 

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