Travel Podcast – Meaningful Travel Lessons (S.2, EP.10)

Travel Podcast - Meaningful Travel Lessons.

What did we learn through our years of traveling?

In today’s podcast, we have Jasmine (Finland) with three of our newest team members that freshly joined this month! Let’s give a warm welcome to Mariellen (Finland), Emilie (France), and Juliana (USA) for joining us on this week’s travel podcast. We discuss what meaningful travel lessons we have learned through our years of traveling, and some funny stories along the way… You definitely don’t want to mess with some of us after listening to this episode. 😉 

We answered (or, at least tried to) the question of whether traveling can be one of life’s greatest teachers, sharing our experiences and reflecting back on the lessons we learned through that. So don’t forget to tune in to start listening now!  

Meaningful travel lessons we learnt through traveling:

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Meaningful travel lessons on the JoinMyTrip travel podcast episode.

We hope that after listening to the meaningful travel lessons we learned, we have inspired you to plan your own trip or join other travelers’ unique trips. Make sure to try it out now! Find your travel buddies on JoinMyTrip to share costs, experiences, and have the time of your life with other like-minded travelers.  

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