The 6 Best Things To Do in Argentina

City view of Argentina when the sun is setting

Tips for traveling in Argentina

Argentina, referred to as the “Paris of South America” is one of the most exciting countries to visit when traveling in South America. This is a perfect destination for any nature lovers not to mention enthusiastic food lovers. Argentina offers everything from amazing landscapes to mouth-watering dishes with the possibility to travel also with a budget. If you are planning a trip to Argentina but are not sure what to do and where to go during your stay then keep on reading and find out the 6 best things to do in Argentina in 2020!

1. Fall head over heels for Iguazu Falls

amazing picture of the beautiful Iguazu Falls
Fall head over heels for Iguazu Falls

This is undoubtedly the #1 must-see place in Argentina. Iguazu falls forms a natural border between Argentina and Brazil. This breathtaking view is like straight from a fairytale! This waterfall is impressive, as it is formed from over 275 different cascades and it has length all over 3km. This must-see place in Argentina is best to be visited on the driest months (March-April and August) as you are truly able to experience the uniqueness of this natural miracle without getting interrupted by the rainy weather.

2. Take a walk with the penguins

a Magellan penguin in Argentina walking along the wooden pathway
Take a walk with the penguins

Yes, you read that right, Argentina really has penguins and if being honest, quite a lot of them actually! This is because penguins tend to come to nest and feast in the southern part of Argentina every year just before their migration. This gives people a unique opportunity to go and see penguins as close as they may ever be able to. Surprisingly, they are actually pretty comfortable among people, sometimes even a bit curious. So, if you plan to travel to the southern part of Argentina, make sure to plan a day just for the penguins because there is a risk of them melting your heart and just a few hours for this might not be enough.

3. Experience the Yin&Yang of Argentina

Beautiful picture of the mountainous landscapes of the Andean landscape with white clouds above the green mountains
Experience the Yin&Yang of Argentina

With Yin&Yang, we of course mean the two adorable villages Salta & Jujuy, which are located just next to each other surrounded by amazing natural wonders of Argentina. These include the amazing landscape of Andea as well as the colourful hills of Serrania de Hornocal. You are also able to witness the mesmerizing view of the rainbow effect due to all of the various minerals surrounding these two villages. Take a day or two from your trip plan and head to these beautiful cities in the northern parts of Argentina!

4. Fall in love with Buenos Aires

Capital City of Argentina, Buenos Aires city, picture of the sun setting behind the beautiful skyscrapers
Fall in love with Buenos Aires

As being the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires offers you everything and beyond. Including the world’s widest avenue with the hint of 19th-century architecture mixed with the true South American culture, Buenos Aires is somewhere everyone should experience at least once in their lives. Here you can find the best steaks in the world in addition to quality wine while enjoying the pleasurable climate during the dry season of the year. This city welcomes everyone and guarantees no boredom at any part of your stay.

5. Take a ride on the Beagle Channel

Man standing on concrete side at Beagle Channel, looking over the water while being surrounded by landscape
Take a ride on the Beagle Channel

The Beagle channel offers a full waterway to the city of Ushuaia, the most Southern city in the whole world. While Ushuaia is itself one of the most known touristic attractions, the way there deserves its own section. This channel is something truly unique and once in a lifetime experience. The Beagle channel is formed as a water border separating the mainland of Tierra del Fuego in Argentina of the Navaro Islands in Chile. This water route can be taken as a four hour trip to four or five-day trip, just as it fits best to your own travel plan. But, before planning your cruise to the Beagle Channel, be sure to have all of these must-have gadgets with you to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

6. Last but definitely not the least, food

a person holding a frying pan with steak in it, covered in salt which is a famous argentinian dish
Last but definitely not the least, food

As Argentina has a lot to offer for every kind of an adventurer, it for sure has everything to offer for the foodaholics also. Argentina is known for its famous steaks with the side of quality wine. But don’t worry vegetarians, Argentina has you covered! Here you will also find the most mouth-watering vegetarian dishes, not to mention the delicious desserts. And if you happen to be a true cheese lover, you are heading to the right spot. One of Argentina’s most known appetizers is Provoleta. This consists of a thick slice of provolone cheese grilled with a crispy top still keeping the gooey-ness inside, garnished with fresh herbs and drizzled with olive oil. Doesn’t get much better than this, right?

If you are keen on vegetarian food, be sure to check these best countries to travel for vegetarians.

Things to note while traveling in Argentina:

  • The Argentinian peso is the most fluctuating currency in South America. The inflation rates are changing on a daily basis so prices can change dramatically from what you paid just days before.
  • The months from December till February are usually considered the peak season to visit Argentina. At this time you might expect more tourism than normal. With this in mind, you might want to check also these places to travel during December, while waiting for the best time period to visit Argentina.
  • However, if you do choose to travel to Argentina at its peak season, you should consider reserving all transportation including buses, trains and even taxis weeks beforehand. Also, reserving your room in a hostel/hotel a few weeks earlier might not be a bad idea. While this might sometimes come costly, be sure to look up these cheap travel tips for traveling to help save money while exploring the world.
  • However, don’t let the “peak season” discourage you from going another month or time. Argentina is great all year round! And while planning your next trip to Argentina, get inspired by these best places to visit in year 2020 and plan your trip today!

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